Media Utilities – Variables available

Variables Available: MU_PLAYTIME – Pretty string indicating how long current track is playing MU_PLAYTIME_MILLIS – Total playing time in milliseconds MU_TRACK_PERC – Total track percent played MU_REMAINING_TIME – Pretty string indicating how track remaining time MU_REMAINING_MILLIS – Total remaining time in milliseconds MU_TRACK_NUM – Track number on album MU_TRACK_LENGTH – Pretty string indicating track length MU_TRACK_LENGTH_MILLIS – Total track length in milliseconds MU_ALBUM – Album name MU_ARTIST – Artist name MU_TRACK – Track name MU_COVERART – URI to current coverart MU_CURR_APP – Current application name MU_CURR_PACKAGE – Current application package name MU_ISPLAYING – 1 if playing 0 otherwise

For zooper widget syntax, see this page by jagwar:

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