Language log 2014-01-31: Time management and study in the morning

I’ve settled into a bit of a routine for my morning study. I get into the office around 7 am, and then start studying byt around 7:15 am. For the first hour, it’s vocab, using a modified gold list method.

Basically, I do the gold list, but write out every word and example up to three times each, to give me practice with my handwriting.

This method lengthens the amount of time I spend on each list and distillation, but I hope it works for me in the long run. The reason I’ve added so much writing is that I suspect I’m the type of learner who benefits from a more tactile approach.

However, leading off the study with a full hour of vocab means that I don’t have that much time for reading or listening.

I need to re-balance my study priorities, I think.

I need to spend at least an hour on reading in the morning. I need to make a new rule: If I haven’t started reading by 8 am, then at the stroke of 8, I drop the vocab (if that’s what I’m doing, and start the vocab.)

I need to do more listening during the day. In fact, if i did just five minutes, that would still be five minutes more than zero, which is how much listening I do during the day.

At night, keep listening to and watching Japanese dramas and/or movies. Yes, the English subs are a crutch, but they’re still better than having none at all. If there were no subs, I’d get rapidly bored with the drama.

About point 1. I still want to do two distillations in the morning, or one headlist and one distillation. In order to keep to that schedule, I need to start the second headlist/distillation by 7:30 am AT THE LATEST! This means, ideally, starting study by 7 am on the first headlist/distillation. That means AS SOON AS I GET TO THE OFFICE.

Walk in the door, sit down, start straight away even as I’m booting up the computer! Is that even possible … ?

I guess I’ll find out on Monday.


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