Language log Jan. 7: Starting afresh?

Language log Jan. 7: Starting afresh?

There’s a truism that speaks to my situation: Just do it. Yes, I know it’s a bland marketing slogan, but it’s something I’ve been feeling that I really shold take to heart.

The point is that my language learning had languished for the longest time — every since Pauline and Bill visited with their family in October.

It more than languished. It actually atrophied, literally like a muscle that hasn’t been used. Like those patients who awake in a hospital room after yearslong comas and can’t even hobble to the toilet.

Only recently have I been making some efforts to try to get back to where I was. In the process, I ditched the Anki flashcard program that I’d been using almost exclusively, and moved on to the Gold List method for learning vocabulary.

Now I’m realising that I need to up my study in other essential areas — namely grammar and listening.

Especially listening.

I have a plan sort-of forming in my mind, but I’ll need to mull on it. Hopefully, there’s more to come, and soon.


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