Looks like it’s time for a life hack

It’s time to organise things, and specifically to organise my life. Find more time to study by cutting down on the meaningless parts of my life — the parts that I do out of impulse and addiction and which don’t add anything to me, which don’t improve me.

What’s the main time sink in my life?

That’s easy. It’s the U.S. politics that I’m stuck on. Ever since I discovered it around the year 2000 — the year George W. Bush became president — I’ve been addicted.

I don’t know why. Perhaps it speaks to some deep need in me to be somewhere else. Perhaps I identified so completely with American culture through its comics and novels that I think of myself as more American than Chinese or New Zealander.

It needs to go. I need to cleanse myself of it.

But not totally. I made a step in the right direction about a month or two ago when I cut down to just a few feeds. But then I increased that number again. I need to decide which feeds I enjoy reading, and which post minimally, and retain those. Aim for comprehensive but not exhaustive coverage.

That’s my next task.



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