Language log 1

It’s no secret that my language learning has stalled. In fact, I seem to have gone backwards. I was a keen user of Anki flashcards, but became disenchanted after Pauline and her family visited in August.

I loved having them around, but I didn’t study at all while they were around, so that set my Japanese back.

When I finally returned to it, I realized that I’d grown disenchanted with them. At first, they seemed to help a lot, but then I kept getting the same cards again and again.

That seemed to be a waste of time, so I took them out of the pack to let me concentrate on the newer cards.

But then I found that, when I came back to the older cards, I’d forgotten them!

So for weeks, I dawdled at my language study. I did nothing for a long time, then discovered LingQ, which focuses on reading and listening and building up passive knowledge — i.e. making lots of “links.”

Well, I’ve still to really give LingQ a proper try. Part of my problem is in working up the proper motivation to do more than a few minutes at a time.

These days I can go for days without using it.

But in the meantime, I’ve discovered the Gold List method for learning vocabulary. I’ll write more on it in the next post.

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