Dealing with Net addiction

I’m addicted to the Net. That’s actually not so bad, to tell the truth. What’s bad is that I’m addicted to a specific Internet activity which sees me chained to Twitter and my RSS reader all day long — and often deep into the night.

I love politics.

And not just any politics, but specifically U.S. politics. The Democrats against the Republicans. The South against the North. Keynesianism against austerity politics. Creationists against evolution. Climate change against its deniers.

But I need to stop that. Oh Internet. I can’t quit you.

Here’s some advice from the Net on how to quit or otherwise change an unwelcome or self-destructive behavior:

Choose any issue, attitude, behavior, even bad habit that you want to address and ask these questions.

· What are my goals when I en-gage in this behavior/way of thinking, feeling, believing, or acting? In other words, what am I getting out of doing it?

· By what means can I stop this behavior? What do I need to do in order to stop thinking, acting, be-having this way?

· What is my relationship with other people and the way I utilize that relationship that allows me to continue this behavior, or to stop this behavior? This is a point often not considered.

· People that we hang out with may hold the same attitudes or beliefs and there may be pressure from the group not to change.

· Am I capable of stopping this behavior? In other words, how do I know I can stop?

· What is my orientation, when I engage in this behavior, or when I stop this behavior? Where is this behavior leading me in either case?

· What do I have to eliminate in order to stop this behavior? What behavior(s) and /or people do I need to let go in order to stop doing what I’m doing?

· What do I have to assimilate to stop this behavior? What must I absorb/adopt to change this conditioned behavior?

· What must I do to bring my impulses in line with stopping this behavior? How do I extinguish the impulses/desire that perpetuates the behavior? When the impulse arises can I delay gratification? Can I substitute another thought or action in place of the impulse?

· What are my needs when I en-gage in this behavior and when I stop this behavior? Do I really need this behavior or just want or like having it? What habitual activities that support this behavior must be eliminated?

· What are the other possibilities in relationship to this behavior? What positive behaviors can potentially replace


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