The right mentor

Here’s a great story about Robert Reich, the former Clinton labor secretary. He’s been an outspoken liberal in recent years, handing out criticism to the Obama administration when it’s been deserved.

He still writes regularly, and I believe is a fellow at some liberal joint somewhere in the States. Nowhere centrist like the Center for American Progress or anything, more like Credo perhaps.

Anyway, he appears to keep himself busy doing lots of stuff. One of those things is volunteering as a mentor for a summer camp set-up called Capitalists for Conscience.

The idea behind this outfit is that they being together up-and-coming entrepreneurs with established venture capitalists and experts in business.

These experts are mentors at the program. They listen to the ideas from the young entrepreneurs and critique them in real time.

A lot of the time, the ideas are stink. The article starts with one such idea.

Go ahead and read the whole thing.


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