What I miss, Part XXXIV

I think a major part of why I’m so down at work is that the Japanese members of the team — i.e. everyone except for me — spend a lot of time informally discussing strategy. I may not be able to understand what they’re saying, but I understand that much. It may be a different language, but I know the intonation and shape of a strategy conversation from DoL.

Of course, I feel left out. They’re having this whole entire conversation to which I might be able to contribute, and they’re doing it while I’m in earshot, and they simply ignore me.

Sure, sure, I know it’s nothing personal. But it’s hard to shake the feeling … no, that’s the wrong way to put it. It’s hard to reconcile myself to the irrefutable facts of the situation: my opinion simply doesn’t matter. If I’m lucky, I’ll find out later what they’ve been talking about. Most likely, I won’t.


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